360° VIDEO

We produce cutting-edge 360 video feature pieces that will make you feel like you’re witnessing events live and direct – all you need is a smartphone! We will work with your organization every step of the way, from guiding the creative vision and shooting, to stitching, post-production and social media strategy or exhibition setup. We have the knowledge, versatility and expertise to transform your content into a unique visual experience that will engage your audience and keep them coming back.

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Schuften für fast nichts: Inside the Garment Industry in Bangladesh

Climate change is causing thousands of Bangladeshis to flee from the lowland rural areas to seek opportunities in the urban slums of Dhaka, the country’s sprawling capital.

In partnership with the European Journalism Centre, El Pais (Spain) and Die Zeit Online (Germany), Empathetic Media accompanies one garment worker on her daily routine through the Gawair slum, showing the struggles for her and her fellow residents to build a life for themselves and secure an education – and better future – for their children.

Siroun: an animated 360 experience

We produced the hand-drawn, animated interstitials for the virtual reality short film Siroun which was made as a companion piece to the 2017 Hollywood feature, The Promise. It tells the story of two boys’ friendship set against the backdrop of the 1915-17 Armenian genocide.

Working in partnership with Global Nomads Group, the interstitials were storyboarded, drawn and animated to support and blend together seamlessly with the live-action sequences.

The video is being rolled out as part of GNG’s global curriculum for fostering empathy and understanding across international boundaries in classrooms around the world.

La Paz en 360 (Peace in 360 Degrees)

A series of 16 360 videos published by El Tiempo, Colombia’s largest daily newspaper, each chronicling the stories of survivors of the Colombian conflict (from ex-guerrillas to civilians) as they seek to overcome the pain of the past through forgiveness and acts of reconciliation with their former victimizers.

A touring national exhibition was made possible with support from the Open Society, Fledgling Fund and Images and Voices of Hope foundation. The exhibition first premiered at the National Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Bogota, Colombia.

The Baltimore Sun: Inside a Home with 20 Code Violations

We were contracted by the Baltimore Sun to post-produce the 360 video footage they had recorded inside a home in downtown Baltimore that was in violation of the housing code.

We worked with editors at the paper to stitch, edit and add annotations and music to the final video on a tight deadline.