Immersive Tech Update – February 2023

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Immersive tech, if seen as the latest tool in an evolutionary process which started with cave-painting and has come to dominate the media landscape since the turn of the millennium, is increasingly well-adapted to communicating cutting-edge advances in medical practice. The ability for a viewer to immerse themselves in a virtual world in which information about treatments and patients is … Read More

The Three Best Uses of Augmented Reality in Biopharma Field Forces

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FEBRUARY 2021 Around one third of doctors expect to use online rather than face-to-face channels as their primary route for engaging with biopharma companies in the future, post-Covid. This clearly means that two thirds expect to revert to face-to-face calls with company representatives when the pandemic is under control ( Augmented reality as a communication medium is highly suited to … Read More

Empathetic Media Health: 2019/20 Project Update

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The past 12 months at Empathetic Media Health has been a fascinating journey with brand new clients from US, Japan, UK, Ireland and projects in some of the most exciting areas of healthcare. The launch of the new Oculus Quest headset in 2019 meant that we were able to introduce mobile, interactive, immersive VR experiences to our clients in gene … Read More

Literature Review: Defining (and measuring) Empathy


Here’s an excerpt from one of the earlier drafts of our white paper on the link between cinematic vr and empathy, published as a white paper by the Tow Institute. Read that paper here. The purpose of this post is to contextualize the study within the respective fields of VR and psychology, drawing on empathy research published in academic journals, … Read More

3 VR “Booms” That Often Sneak Under the Radar

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Virtual reality has generated countless headlines and news stories over the past two or three years. In fact, if you rewind back past all of the speculation and excitement that preceded the public unveiling of devices like the Oculus Rift, VR has been making headlines for longer than that. Even so however, the overarching focus tends to be relatively narrow. … Read More

The State of Augmented Reality in 2018: How it Continues to Disrupt Different Industries

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Last year we predicted that augmented reality or AR, would continue to build on 2016’s momentum and we were right. The technology further improved in 2017, with Google releasing Project Tango, Asus unveiling ZenFone AR, and developers creating various apps that made use of AR, like Holo, Ink Hunter, and WallaMe. This year we expect AR to get better and … Read More

Colombia VR Project #2: Medellin and the Colombian Book Festival

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After a successful week in Bogota at the Centre for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation, I traveled to Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, to give another VR workshop and present the immersive experiences at the Medellin Book Fair. The workshop was held at the Parque Explora, next to the Botanical Gardens, which has proudly jumped with both feet first into VR … Read More

Colombia Project: #LaPazen360 – Episode 1, Bogota

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After 3 months of shooting 360 videos and photo/videogrammetry over the Summer, Dan is now currently back in Colombia, leading the second part of the project. This part focuses on a “socialization phase” in which we organize an event in each of the communities we met and worked with originally, showing them the stories we produced in their area, as … Read More

HOW VR can help us learn about the world

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Is virtual reality too immersive? It’s a question that has been raised as the new technology has become more accessible to a wider audience of creators and users.”With virtual reality, rather than telling a story, you are putting someone inside a story – and usually involving them in it,” said freelance BBC VR producer Catherine Allen at the VR & … Read More

“I Survived” Virtual Reality Project in Colombia: Project Overview

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We first approached the vast topic of the Colombian conflict in 2015, when a Colombian producer friend put us in touch with the Prison Fellowship (PF) of Colombia. PF had until that point been working exclusively (as its name suggests) in prisons, using a restorative justice framework to reconcile convicted criminals and their victims. The focus of restorative justice that … Read More