January VR/AR News #4: VR in Bangladesh, women in tech and the Oscars

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This week our Spanish version of Life in Gawair launched with El Pais and was a great success. In the multi-media experience you will meet different characters from Gawair, Dhaka, Bangladesh via 360 video, comics and text. You will learn about their lives, their experience as climate refugees as well as working inside a garment factory. Special emphasis on education was given … Read More

Latest VR/AR Tech Developments

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The new Snapchat Spectacles uses an embedded camera with LED lights to record users’ experiences through their own eyes. According to UploadVR, Snapchat isn’t the first company to  try to bring glasses of this kind to the market, but the Spectacles are unique for capturing circular video around a scene that can be sent directly to the phone app. Microsoft might … Read More

October VR/AR News #3: AR at work

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Virtual reality provides an opportunity to recreate and explore the past, especially in areas where little is known about its history. The Plain of Jars, an ancient site littered with mysterious stone jars, is being replicated virtually by Australian archaeologists. Researchers from the Australian National University and Monash University are using a new mapping technology called Cave2 as part of the … Read More