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Check it out: #STOPtrafficking2016 made it on the front page of Journalism.co.uk

“Imagine you are walking down the street in Rio during the Olympic Games or in the United States, where the US presidential elections are still in full swing.

You reach a billboard or a sign showing the Olympic rings or Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, and by simply pointing your smartphone at it, you can read the latest coverage or scroll through key information with just a few finger taps.

Augmented reality (AR) is just one of the immersive technologies that give publishers a chance to develop new storytelling formats, alongside virtual reality and 360-video.

Empathetic Media, a company built to foster empathy between storytellers and their audiences through these newer technologies, conducted its latest experiment with augmented reality on 29 July, a day before the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.” Read more here.

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