Welcoming our new student production assistant team

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We at Empathetic Media are proud to welcome three University of Missouri undergraduate journalism students to the production team. Sean Nelson, Tyler Adkisson, and Brittany Crocker will be assisting in content research and production throughout the semester.



The students will receive capstone credit for their work with us to fulfill the final requirements of their studies in convergence journalism—a challenging degree program that teaches students to blend multimedia reporting with reporting across multiple platforms. We’re excited to see their contributions to the Empathetic Media team!

The students’ first tasks revolve around assisting our production of an immersive model of the Ferguson shooting eyewitness accounts. Our goal is to design an experience that conveys the subjective nature of the “truth ” in eyewitness testimonies, and create an immersive experience that allows users to decide for themselves what happened the day Mike Brown was shot, outside of media commentary.

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